Monday, August 6, 2012

WSA Watercolor Workshop Sept 19-21

Crail Harbor at Low Tide- Scotland

Watercolor- A Road Map to Successful Paintings

Come paint with me and explore this wonderful medium in a relaxed and  enjoyable setting.

Through demonstration, careful critique, and lessons learned over a long career, I will help you understand how to prepare for and antcipate the challenges that painting in watercolor presents. I will guide you through my process which relies on simplification of subject, study sketches, and value studies. In my experience this "road map" for your final painting will allow you to foresee possible compositional problems before you begin your painting and allow you to make adjustments before hand avoiding the need to "rescue" your watercolors.

I will concentrate on "studio" work, but weather / time permitting, will do plein air demonstrations and discuss how to approach working out of doors.

My intention is to give you the basic knowledge to begin exploring this wonderful medium in an understandable manner. I do not approach my workshops as a showcase for my talent. I would much rather focus on the best way to draw out your creative energies.

I can think of no other form of expression that I delight in more than painting and it is my sincere wish to share that pleasure with others. 

Iain Stewart

In conjunction with their fall members show I will be offering a workshop through the Watercolor Society of Alabama  September 19-21 at the Forstall Art Center in Birmingham, Alabama. For more information contact Tora Johnson at 205-423-0922 or

Workshop fees are $275 for WSA members and $305 for non members.

Space is limited so if you are interested please contact Tora soon.

Beginner to Intermediate (more advanced watercolorists welcome as well.)


  1. I looked into's too far to drive and too expensive to fly. Wish I could...I love your work! It would be awesome to have instruction from you!

  2. I'll be doing some farther north and hopefully out west very soon. I'll post them as I schedule them. All the best-


  3. wonderful job! love the colors and the details
    Cheers! :)

  4. Thank you Mari! I enjoyed this one.

  5. Hey Iain, perfect works my dear friend :)