Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laundry Day

I've been doing a lot of paintings close to home and felt the need to take a day or two to revisit my trip to New York. I've got loads of images planned, but am trying to balance images from near and far. This one is a little laundry in the West Village that drew my attention in March. The street was absolutely deserted as I was up very early. I like how the building is seen in elevation, but we get the street at right and the shadow across the building for some depth. Also, that little sunlit interior was a challenge, but I was quite happy with the outcome. I'm really enjoying playing with direct sunlight and shadow right now.

Harry Chong Laundry
West Village, NYC
13" x 9"

Watercolor Society of Alabama National Exhibition

Well, a little bit late on this one, but my painting South Railroad Avenue in snow was juried into the Watercolor Society of Alabama's 69th National Exhibition. I mention this as I have just finished framing the little fella and will be driving down to Troy to hand deliver it for the show. Nice not to have to ship to CA for this one. I think I could have shipped myself to the NWS show cheaper than the painting that got in. Here's the one that made it to the Alabama show. It's a great honor and just a little more sweet as I'm on home turf for this one.

South Railroad Ave in Snow
Opelika, Alabama
13" x 9"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Train, the Train

Ok, so here's the first of the images from the train shots I took a few weeks back. I caught another one downtown on 8th Street so there should be some more coming with views of Opelika as well. I've got to start carrying a decent camera with me. These shots are taken with my phone and I lose a lot of the mid tones. Another must carry gadget. I'll need a purse soon. Wait, I already have one, it's referred to as a man bag I believe and functions quite nicely.