Monday, April 2, 2012

First Quarter Round Up

Yoikes. April already and I've neglected the blog for all too long. I'll definitely try and do better, but painting and life tends to derail me at times. The year has been shaping up nicely. A definite high point was our trip to Scotland last month. As some of the images I post will attest to we had a great time. Most of my family are still in Glasgow and the surrounds so it's always wonderful to get back. Here are a few of the recent paintings of the trip. Enjoy.


The Tron- Glasgow
12" x 12"

Buchanan Street- Glasgow
20" x 10"

The Collinton Road- Edinburgh
10" x 7"

Hope Street- Glasgow
10" x 7"

Looking to St. Giles Cathedral- Edinburgh
21" x 12"

North Street Morning- St. Andrews
7" x 5"