Thursday, November 19, 2015

Come on a Painting Adventure with Iain Stewart

Hi all. Just finding time to look to next year and some of my more  exiting workshops. I'll be doing two Plein Air workshops next year, which are typically my favorite as a teacher, as they allow us to explore new places together. As my dearest wife will attest when traveling I am usually so overwhelmed by my desire to sketch and paint that I can be a bit of a nuisance. These workshops allow me to go full tilt and paint with you places I have never been. So in addition to being a bit like a kid in a candy store I also get to do my two favorite things- paint and share that enjoyment with others. 
First on the list is painting the lakes and villages in the foothills of the French Alps where we will again tour with the fantastic Jackie Grandchamps of French EscapadeJune 3-10 We will be located out of the Spa town Aix les Bains and paint in Chanaz, Annecy "The little Venice of the Alps," Virieu and it's 11th century castle, after which we will relax at the Spa in Aix les Bains. Sounds good to me. There is still time to receive the early bird discount if you sign up before the end of November.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The DVD's are here...

Sometimes you need to take creative license with your photographic references but that is not always easy. With Iain Stewart's Light in Watercolor Painting Collection you will learn how to change the light, mood, and composition of your reference to paint the beautiful watercolor landscapes you desire no matter the original inspiration. 
Ian will show you how to paint a seascape, landscape, and a cityscape in his three newly released DVDs while analyzing each photographic reference and making adjustments along the way. Not only will you get three instructional videos but you will also receive three step-by-step video companion guides that each highlight key lessons and concepts in each video. Iain also shares his best tips for bringing the joy and spontaneity of sketching to your studio work in the Watercolor Artist June 2014 issue.  
In addition to these must-have resources filled with tips and instruction from Iain Stewart you will also be able to start painting right away with two sets of Daniel Smith extra fine watercolorsand a large plastic folding palette, all included in this exclusive collection!

You can order the DVDs as a collection or individually HERE.

Have a great day guys!