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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Video Watercolor Demo

Here's my first attempt at doing a video demo. I'm still working out the kinks, but think it's worth a look see if you are interested in seeing how I paint. It's a quickie done in my sketchbook. The sort of thing I would do as preparation for doing a larger finished piece.

More of these to come.....

It's really very strange and kind of cool to see myself work.

All the best guys.


Click here to view the video on Youtube

Here's the finished sketch.


  1. Thank you for your works and your video. I learn a lot with it.

  2. Thank you, Iain. I truly enjoyed watching you at work. I am always amazed watching someone [including myself :) ] create art.

  3. My pleasure guys. I had a good time trying it out. I'll definitely do a few more of these.

    take care

  4. Super cool, Iain!! It is fascinating to watch you sketch and paint!

  5. Great video, very interesting to watch another artist. you seem to sketch with a thinker and softer pencil than I do. Also liked looking at your sketch book........are you doing any workshops in 2013? thanks Bruce

  6. Hey thanks Carrie! Hi Bruce- yes, I'll be doing a few workshops next year. No set dates yet but I'll post them as I finalize them.

  7. Great video- looking forward to getting to a workshop of yours if you ever are in the NC area.

  8. Thank you for sharing your video. It is always helpful to see another artist work in watercolour. Darker.... darker... that's what I need to be doing.
    Your paintings are fantabulous!!

  9. love your work Iain, congrats from Brasil.

  10. Great video, enjoyed it very much. Very instructive to watch you work Thanks!!!

  11. seu trabalho é fantastico estou amando, parabens