Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laundry Day

I've been doing a lot of paintings close to home and felt the need to take a day or two to revisit my trip to New York. I've got loads of images planned, but am trying to balance images from near and far. This one is a little laundry in the West Village that drew my attention in March. The street was absolutely deserted as I was up very early. I like how the building is seen in elevation, but we get the street at right and the shadow across the building for some depth. Also, that little sunlit interior was a challenge, but I was quite happy with the outcome. I'm really enjoying playing with direct sunlight and shadow right now.

Harry Chong Laundry
West Village, NYC
13" x 9"


  1. Cette lumière matinale est traitée avec beaucoup de finesse...J'aime beaucoup toutes vos aquarelles de NYC,votre travail est superbe!

  2. You should be happy with the outcome, beacause its simply brilliant!I wish I could paint such beautiful buildings.

  3. superb ..
    i love the sunlit interior ..

  4. Thank you all. This one was extremely interesting to do. I thought the back story on the laundry was fascinating as well.