Thursday, January 21, 2010

First real post, 4th actually

So this is the first post. I've actually posted a few times as you can see, but this is the first one where I've tried writing something about what I'm doing. I've been told I need to have a "blog" site for my artwork and thus here we are. Or, just me for the moment. I quite enjoy writing to myself so I have no problem with no readers. Please excuse my lack of knowledge in blog jargon and, as at the moment I am writing to myself, I most certainly do. For now this remains my secret spot on the web. It may evolve to involve more people. We'll just have to see. Until then, Iain, enjoy your work and I'm sure I'll read your next post.


Cold Sea
10" x 6"


  1. Just couldn't let this post sit here unnoticed!! I talked to myself for quite a while before anybody "saw" my blog or perhaps before anyone was willing to admit they were reading it!! ;-) I enjoy your writing and it's nice to have another interesting spot to peruse. Glad you took the plunge!!

  2. Thank you Chris. It still feels like a personal journal and I'm not going to make any real moves to change that. If I think too much about what I'm writing then I get too wordy and lose my way. Clean and fresh is the motto.

  3. Hi Iain, a just find your blog yesterday and i love all your work, i am inspired by your style, thank you, from Portugal ;)