Monday, January 25, 2010

Continuing down the tracks

Friday evening Noelle and I took all three dogs for a walk downtown just as the sun was going down. Opelika is very much your small southern town. We ran into 3 groups of friends all out walking various beasts or heading for a well deserved cocktail. I slipped off and took a few photos. Noelle, poor gal, was left holding the dogs. They, at my best calculation, are 172 pounds of seething, sniffing, multi-directionally intent hounds. The nicest group of pups one could ask for but the gang outweighs her by a goodish 75 and when they all decide to investigate different things she looks a bit like she's being stretched on the rack. I went past the coaling tower, which was the subject of my last painting, and looked at where the two lines came together. The old line must have run underneath the coaling tower, but has since been diverted back to the original. Still, an orange southern evening, and the rail lines really stand out. Maybe this little odyssey should be me just walking further and further down the tracks to see what I find. Here's the latest.


Tracks with water tower
9" x 13"