Monday, March 31, 2014

Auction for Pup Rescue- American Bulldog

Ayasofya- Istanbul
11" x 8"

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Auction Ends Thursday April 3 at 8pm CST

Current Bid $300

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Not something I'll do very often, but this is a special case. A bit of background here. My wife called me while I was jurying the Missouri Watercolor Society International Exhibition over the weekend. I could tell by the tone of her voice that something was terribly wrong. It seems that she heard through a coworker that a puppy mill of sorts was neglecting their dogs. She's not one to let that go unchecked. She and a friend donned hats, dark sunglasses, camouflage running shirts they got during a half marathon held at an army base last year and went to investigate. She even brought my binoculars. Thinking they might have to stake out the joint they parked a few streets away and snuck as close to the property as they dared. ( I was unaware of all of this as I would have told her by no means do you attempt to invade a strangers backyard) Had I known, of course, she would have done it regardless of my protests. She's that kind of person. 

They found the mother chained to a tree and the one male tied by two leashes and rope to another tree. The male was hiding (dying) under some brush and they could not see it. They called the police and the officer was able to get approval from his captain to attempt to rescue the male. The mother appeared to be reasonably healthy, but the male could only crawl and had to be carried off the property. The local police are looking for the owners, who apparently move their dogs to different locations from time to time. Very hard to understand what exactly is going on there, but the important part is they got the dog out. 

If you want to see pictures of him please visit the following link as I don't like to put that sort of imagery in front of people unless they wish to see it. Let it be said that it is in very bad shape. Our vet, Dr. Moore, of Opelika is watching it, and we had to move it to an emergency clinic last night for a transfusion. It's back at the vet today and the prognosis is mixed, but they are doing all they can. My wife and our friend took responsibility for the veterinarian bills and have created an auction site on Facebook to help with covering the costs and to ensure that the vet is able to do what he thinks is necessary to save the dog. It looks to be an American Bulldog between 2-5 years old and is very sweet.

I know that Noelle is worried sick about this so I offered to auction a painting to help. If you are interested in bidding please do not contact the administers of the Facebook Page. I will be running this auction myself. You can contact me via this blog or through my Facebook Page. 

You may also contact me via email by clicking the Bid Here link at the top of this post. 

Happy bidding and thank you. 


Tuesday morning 8:25am April 1

Very sad news.

From Jacquie last night.

Tonight at 9:00 PM the Vet notified me that our dear, sweetheart Brut had passed away. He fought very hard, having made it through the rough winter tied to a tree, but he passed in a warm bed, knowing he was loved, with a new stuffed animal. I am especially deeply upset because I had "adopted" him in my mind. I will make it my goal to insure that these people pay the full penalty and never own a pet again. Please continue to donate for his auction for his medical costs, it is very much appreciated. All auctions will be honored, in honor of dear Brut and in hopes of spreading his message.

I will continue with this auction. A very hard night with Noelle getting the news as we were lying down for bed. Please be advised that this is no longer a "rescue." There are, as I understand it, considerable veterinary costs and to ensure that our vet, who takes in rescues for the county is able to do so all proceeds beyond Brut's medical care, will go to K-911 Rescue in Lee County.

Thank you,

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