Thursday, June 30, 2011

La Cruz, Puerto Vallarta, and Such.

The freaking Bimbo truck kept blocking me in then I lost Greg. Here's a tour that goes for five hours and leaves at noon. Who wants their eggs? Oh, that tour is unavailable for us. Uhm, a Mexican Fiesta or sunset sailing....interested?

Typical talk around the table at Casa Kaeli in La Cruz, Mexico this morning. The two that stayed up until four are still sleeping and the rest of us have swum, painted, cleaned, all in different order. Noelle sits to my left eating a plate of huevos y papas and makes contented noises. I've finished off a couple of watercolor sketches and am planning a stab at the huevos myself.

fyi- Bimbo is a bread company....

Much more later, but in a nutshell, Noelle and I joined a group of friends headed for La Cruz, Mexico, all staying in a three tier villa with a view across Banderas Bay to Puerto Vallarta from both the upstairs balcony and the infinity pool, which by the way is a great place for a morning, noon, afternoon, or evening cocktail.

I've been struggling to find a way to paint with any results in this heat / humidity and finally struck on just painting in my sketchbook. The paper is thin enough to allow it to dry quickly and I can do a few at a stretch. Here are a few pics and as I said more later.



  1. all are beautiful, a wonderful reminder of a long ago vacation to La Cruz.

  2. Hi, Iain,
    Wow, thank you for sharing so beautiful work!
    Cheers, Sadami

  3. Sounds like a pretty rough assigment Iain, with the view, infinity edge pool, cocktails and all, but you've managed to pull off some really nice sketches in spite of it!

  4. Oh it was. Too rough and now I miss it terribly. Thanks so much guys. I'll be posting the first studio watercolor from the trip later today.

  5. Hi! Hope you understand spanish... Son fotografias realmente hermosas , se ve que han pasado unos dias geniales. Me han hecho recordar a la vez que estuve por distintos hoteles en cancĂșn... Bye!