Sunday, March 20, 2011

Art Auction for Japanese Disaster Relief Round Two

My first auction for Japanese Disaster Relief went very well. Congratulations to the high bidders and thanks to everyone involved. We raised $1200.00 in the first round. The second auction is still open. Please follow the link to the Daily Paintworks Help Japan Challenge sponsored by Keiko Tanabe to bid. Again all of the proceeds from this auction will go to one of the Disaster Relief Options listed on the website.

Samford at Night
16" x 8"


  1. This is magnificent, Iain.Really.

  2. Dear Iain,
    Thank you for the help and great efforts for Japan. One Japanese clay artist and tunami victime asks me, "Please pass our best wishes and special thanks to Iain, Keiko and other artists. Your activities encourage us!!" Hurray, hurray, all contributing artists!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  3. That is extremely humbling to hear Sadami- thank you. We continue with open auctions and Keiko's Challenge is really doing well too. Take care.