Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lack of Sleep

I usually try and figure out the current painting I'm working on while I'm going to sleep. At times this practice can be a bit of a problem as that relaxing, end of the day meditative state I'm trying to achieve can, at times, turn into a get right up and start painting state. This was the case last night. I do love the studio when all are asleep and I have my dog Casey snoring contentedly in the middle of the floor while I paint. Here's the result.

8th and A
Opelika, Alabama
15" x 18"


  1. Valió la pena la Falta de Sueño, me gusta Mucho this calle, Un saludo.

  2. Dear Ian,
    Beautiful work and nice out come.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  3. This painting is simply gorgeous.

  4. I have been known to do that with sewing projects. Only, since my sewing studio is in a corner of our bedroom, it doesn't always work...
    Good Job.

  5. Fantastico Iain, enhorabuena.
    Saludos, Jose.

  6. very, very, very great job, is it the scotland's school :-)

  7. Amazing result. The depth in this painting is wonderful.