Thursday, August 5, 2010

It keeps on chugging along

A sad morning here on Avenue D. I just waved goodbye to two of my favorite people as they headed off to Lubbock, Texas. Brett and Audra continue another leg of their journey in parts unknown. This street has seen its share of great folk, but in the stillness of this morning, I know it wont be the same without them. It's such a wonderfully strange thing how people come into your life and make it better. Neighbors are a mixed bag all in all, but for some reason, we've been extremely fortunate to have had neighbors who became close friends. My home is richer because of them.

Avenue D has lost two of the best and feels a little smaller today. Here's a painting I did of Audra last March in the snow. It is on its way to Texas with them.

Safe journey guys.....


  1. I'm fortunate to have wonderful friend neighbors too. I feel your emptiness...

    Skype can help you still feel connected and in person. We say its more than a phone call. Its a visit!

  2. Dear Ian,
    Yes, it is. Like railways, our lives come across others for a while and go separately.
    All your work is so lovely. Particularly, color use, values and contract are eye catchy. Take care not to catch a cold. Look forward to your next!
    Kind regards,

  3. I love good neighbors. We just had some good ones leave too. I just don't understand why they couldn't stay here with the rest of us forever and ever.....

  4. Hi Ian...found you via Face Book. lovely work. i look forward to following. happy painting!

  5. Thanks everyone! The blog fellows decided to change the format for posts and now everything must be approved by me first so I didn't see these until today. I apologize for the wait and won't let it happen again. Still a bit strange around here without them, but we're getting there. Thanks.