Monday, December 16, 2019

Happy Holidays and Looking forward to 2020.

Hi all. Getting all the "needed" work done before closing up shop for a few days during the holidays. Don't think I'll be on my rear though. Bringing the plein air kit for some rural studies at the farm. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone I had the pleasure of meeting this year. I had a wonderful year of teaching and travel that took me to many new places and faces. Ah even the workshop in Lubbock while recovering from the flu, in hindsight, was so full of positivity and good energy I managed to make it through the week. It was definitely touch and go for the most part that Tuesday. I don't think I've ever taught with that "just put me in bed" feeling before except in a few cases with the Germans but that's another story and one I'll keep to myself. Next year brings a few new and exciting opportunities. I'll be headed to Colorado in May as a faculty member at PACE and then I think two days off and then to England for the Watercolor Masters exhibition. I think there are a couple of spots left in that one. Email Tara at to reserve a spot in my 2 day workshop there. I'll also be spending most of July in China painting and touring. Ahem- but the last thing is what I've been keeping under the table for a while now. My first book will be published in the summer. I've been off of social media etc for a bit and most of the painting I'm doing right now is for it. No worries I've set aside a little step by step for you and my newsletter gang to give you a taste. Next years workshops will be a little different as in actually writing down and organizing how I approach painting has brought new things to light and made me consider what is important in teaching in a new and exciting way.  My first stop on next year will be in San Diego for the San Diego Watercolor Society. If you're in the area or want to get out of the bitter cold join me in the sun February 10 - 13 for some plein air and studio fun! Register here

So on to the Holidays and your little present from me. A step by step of a little painting of Edinburgh Castle and a taste of home for me. Enjoy your Holidays and a wonderful 2020 to you all!


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